Concerts :


Dec. 3rd Jazz@IL, Uilenstede 346, Amstelveen

Dec. 6th , ’t Oude Pothuys, Oudegracht, Utrecht

Feb. 8th, live @RTW FM 105.8.  Nederbeat with Martin Reitsma (Cineast John Meijer will make a TV documentary )

Feb. 10th, Co live (interview 1900-2100) / NPO2 radio 

Feb. 17th,  IEP, Bergen (NH)

Feb. 18th  Speakers, Den Haag

Feb. 24th ,  Splendor, Amsterdam

Mar. 4th, Co live (NPO2 radio)

Nick Vollebgregts, Laren

Mar. 8th, De Stier, Eibergen

Mar. 15th, Miles, Amersfoort

Mar. 16th  , De Tor, Enschede

Mar. 18th, Rue de la Gare, Emmen


Poland 2018 Tour:

20.03 -Nietota, Wroclaw (Breslau)

21.03 -Poznan, Blue Note

22.03 -Lokal, Lodz

23.03 - Kameleon Jazz Klub, Kedzierzyn - Kozle

24.03 - Harris Piano Jazz Bar, Krakow

25.03 - Muzeum Jazz Club, Jaworzno


Apr. 8th , Buckshot, Groningen

Apr 13th , Kleinkunstdiele, Bucken, Germany

May 3rd, Boerderij Zoetermeer (support act of Bob James 

May 4th, Tpodium, Amstelveen

June 28th, InJazz 2018, Rotterdam

Aug 24th, Festival TBA 

Aug 25th, Festival TBA

Aug 26th, Biggg Smallbands Festival (1400-17.30) Sijthof Cultuur Café, Leiden 

Sept 27th Regentenkamer , Den Haag 

Oct 19th, Jazzkeller, Dinkelsbühl, Germany

Nov 11th, Theatre De Lievekamp , Oss 

Nov 25th, Jazz in Bakkum 



Febr 19th, Jazz in Luxor , Zutphen

April 19th , TBA , Germany

April 20th, Sjruur, Maaseik, België

May 3rd, Jazzpoint Wangen, Germany


„Vigorously swinging… Here jazz gets ventilated!“ (Jochen Siemens in STERN 3/2018, 4/5 stars)

"Molenaar’s touch on the keys,always leaves space for the elegant bass lines and the dancing cymbals of his companions.

But finally it’s the latin tinted showpieces such as "Bossa Del Calvito“ or „No Dancing“ (the song name is a good joke) that distinguish the band from the masses of piano trios."
(Rolf Thomas in JAZZTHING February/March 2018)

„High-torque and self-confident, but never over-produced and equipped with tremendous jazz grip - a blessing“ (Gregor Poschoreck on SOULTRAINONLINE, 4/5 stars)

„A very vivid mix of styles - inspiring and pretty relaxing jazz“ (Christian Kautz on LIKEHIFI, 4/5 stars)

May 2018 : 


- Review Bassist (April 2018)

- Just announced: We will play InJazz 2018 (28th of June ) @ Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam

- We will support Bob James @De Boerderij Zoetermeer (3-5-18)

- Interview @ Gooi & Eemlander (22-2-18)

- Jazzthing Review (Feb/ March Edition) 

- Review Music Maker (March Edition)

- Poland Tour 2018 (March )

- Vinyl (LP) version is also available here  



Sounding Silence 

New studio album has been released the 12th of January 2018. Through Mochermusic ,Germany . Beautiful Artwork by Michael Cheval